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What is 10 Weeks of Giving?

10 Weeks of Giving is a Movement started in 2011 by Aminah Williams and Jana M. Gamble, Co-Host of Living Sweet, an Internet Radio Station that promotes "Tastefully Giving Back to our Community."

In the beginning this dynamic duo also known as Team Living Sweet, set out to bless individuals, businesses, churches, organizations and our community from October through December. Team Living Sweet hit the streets for Give Back Fridays blessing our community with Gamble's books 107 Ways to Give When You Think You Have Nothing to Give or I AM a Child of God along with some delicious goodies from Aminah's Treats and More!





Soon into this journey others began to join in and send their contribution along with the packages that Williams and Gamble prepared. By week 7 10 Weeks of Giving was recognized on Fox 2 News with Tim Ezell, Show Me St. Louis, and St. Louis's own JoyFM.

Many people were both blessed and inspired by what not just Williams and Gamble were doing but their families as well. 10 Weeks of Giving is great for all ages to get involved teaching children from a young age that it is best to give.

Now this Movement is growing to be worldwide. For 2012 we have planned much more than a drop off of goodies every Friday, we are getting our community more involved. Look forward to special events, donor drives, Break the Curse, radio giveaways and much much more!!


Now that's Living Sweet!!

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